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Once we’ve done an assessment and decided what the specific difficulty is, we will decide on a tutoring schedule.  There are multiple ways to teach a child, and based on your availability and your child’s age and specific problem, we will set up a tutoring schedule.  Usually I see students for six to eight sessions, meeting once every three to four weeks.

I provide all the materials with very specific instructions for daily work at home.  It is imperative that the adult who will be supervising the child’s intervention attend all tutoring sessions.  (I have a very comfortable, private office with a delightful playroom for siblings that is equipped with toys, magazines and books, a TV and lots of fun videos!)

When children work with me we make very rapid progress.  We do a blend of activities including passage reading, phonics instruction, and writing.  All of the activities are designed to be upbeat and fun.  And there are always treats at the end!  Sessions last an hour and a half but part of that time I will be meeting privately with the parent discussing recent progress and setting up for the next series of lessons. 

Tutoring sessions cost $65* per session and you pay as you go.  Personal checks, cash, or credit/debit cards are welcome.


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*Subject to change without notice.



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