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If you are coming for a READING ASSESSMENT, please bring ANY materials that you think might be helpful.  Suggestions would be evaluations done by other professionals, a current book the child is reading, writing and math samples.  UNEDITED writing samples are particularly important and helpful. Do NOT come empty handed!!!

Also bring a familiar book and a book that you consider more at your child's instructional level, preferably something you are working from right now.  Sometimes having the child start with something he/she is familiar with is a good ice breaker.

Feel free to bring siblings.  I have a nice playroom connected to the office that has some toys, a TV/VCR and a private bathroom!  The children will be safe and close by.  Plan to spend an hour and a half. 

Reading assessment for one child $130, assessments for two children at the same time $150.*
Personal checks, cash, or credit/debit cards are welcome.


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*Subject to change without notice.



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