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Narrative Assessment appointments are usually an hour and a half long.  The state requires that the assessor see samples of your child's work over the course of a year.  Reading lists, math and writing samples, and projects are appropriate items to bring. 

Questions that guide a typical assessment include:  How is your child reading?  Is math coming along?  Are you satisfied with your curriculum? How can I (the assessor) help?  Often these discussions stimulate fresh ideas and bring a sense of assurance and balance to the overwhelming task of being both parent and teacher. 

Many families teach one or more subjects in nontraditional ways and are curious about the kinds of things assessors accept as a 'paper trail.' The following is a list of ideas that would be permissible as part of your curriculum.  Remember, these suggestions are OPTIONAL!

  1. Your activity calendar OR lesson plan book OR a daily journal
  2. Extracurricular activity schedule (music lessons, art, drama, sports, debate, skiing, horseback riding, etc.) Don't forget vacation activities or special events!
  3. Volunteer activities
  4. Service projects: mission trips, nursing homes, etc.
  5. Apprenticeships of any kind or duration
  6. Support group activities including: YMCA, Spelling Bee, Christmas
    caroling, etc.
  7. Awards (scouts, hobbies, music, art, Tae Kwon Do)
  8. Book lists
  9. Church activities: drama, choir, nursery helper, puppet or clown
    ministry, Awana, Bible quizzing, etc.
  10. Group activities: scouts, 4H, hunter safety course, lifeguard training
  11. Family projects: adding an addition to the house, building a barn, fixing the plumbing, mowing, feeding animals, helping a neighbor, taking care of Grandma, working on the car, etc.
  12. Science, art, and social studies projects; and
  13. Lists of educational software, educational videos, or TV programs (keep index cards near each unit and have children record as they participate in the activity).

Cost is $98 for one child, $145 for two, and $165 flat fee for three or more children.*  Karen is currently offering a free informal reading evaluation for any of your children if you schedule it during your assessment.

Personal checks, cash, or credit/debit cards are welcome.

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*Subject to change without notice.



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