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I’ve done thousands of home school assessments (over 700 last year alone!) and am very familiar with different teaching philosophies and most commercial curriculums.  Each has pros and cons and we learned a long time ago that the best curriculum for your child is the one that works!  We don’t fix what isn’t broken, and we don’t assume that one size fits all!  Usually it takes a new homeschool family about three years to really figure out what works best for each child.  My advice, always, is to go slow in curriculum selection, don’t spend a lot of money up front, and, if you find something that works, go with it!  I have lots of catalogs in my office and can make suggestions if you want to make some changes.

The only curricula available for purchase in my office are Happy Cheetah reading and Spelling You See.

I always include, for free, an informal reading assessment for your child if you schedule it during your consultation appointment.  (Please tell us when you call.)  Even though the state does not require that I see the children, it helps me help you make curriculum decisions.  As much as I’d like to, it’s impossible to make good recommendations unless I have actually worked with the student.  (Folks often ask about telephone consultations.  Unfortunately there are too many nuances and variations in learning styles to make an accurate assessment on the phone.)

Many, many homeschool families come for quarterly or semi-annual check-ups.  Others come in early (January, February, March) for end of year assessments.  (I provide the Notification paperwork.) That way, if curriculum needs tweaked, we can make adjustments early and not lose several more months of instructional time. 

Cost for Curriculum Consultations are the same as Narrative Assessment fees.  One child is $98, two children are $145, and a flat fee of $165 for three or more children from the same family.*

Personal checks, cash, or credit/debit cards are welcome.


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*Subject to change without notice.



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